Plasma experiments require acquisition system capable to process huge amount of data generated by radiation detectors. To test detectors that may be used in plasma experiments in mega counts per second event rate we designed fully digital measurement system – DNG@NCBJ. It is based on high speed analog to digital converter and powerful FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Area). Dedicated software and firmware was developed to online process signals and estimate crucial parameters inside measurement system.Detectors like photomultiplier tube or silicon photomultiplier (MPPC)  optimized for mega counts per second events rate should be stable in wide range of events rate. At NCBJ we designed dedicated active analog front-end for MPPC and active voltage divider for photomultiplier tube.

  1. Project of aluminum capsules for MPPC detector.
    randd1 720-sh10
    randd2 559-sh10
    randd3 514-sh10
  2. Design printed circuits board with temperature measurement system and MPPC detector configuration for two different MPPC connectors. Optimized for capsule size, cable length and number of conductors (hardware conditions at JET.
  3. The test stand for measure many capsules at the same time, with step adjustment of their distance from the radiation source. Also, a smaller test stand designed for the climate chamber.
    randd5 744-sh10randd6 483-sh10

For the needs of Nuclear Techniques & Equipment Department (DTJ) and JET4 Project the Isotope Laboratory Z class (on the first floor of the building No. 7, A. Soltan 7 Street, room 243) was created. In the laboratory the following sealed radioactive sources will be used: 55Fe; 57Co; 93 Mo; 109Cd; 133Ba; 137Cs; 145Pm; 241Am; 51Cr; 22Na; 207Bi; 137Cs; 54Mn; 207Bi; 60Co; 22Na; 60Co i 152Eu and neutron sources: PuBe; AmBe i Cf.

The activity of the sealed radioactive sources will not exceed 1GBq and the stream of neutron sources will be below 106 n/s.

Necessary documents used in the Laboratory:

  • Workplace regulations
  • Site emergency management plan
  • Instructions:
    • Instructions forworkwith radioactive sources
    • Technological instructions of a neutron generator
  • Records